Trichology Tablets New Formulation

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60 professional hair tablets.

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Created by Internationally recognised Trichologist Mark Blake MIT IAT WTS.

Mark is constantly pushing the boundaries forward in the way we look at hair and his Trichology Tablets are the culmination of his 40 years of experience in the hair industry. “I’ve realised that conditioning your hair should start inside the body, after all, you are what you eat.”
Realising hair can be affected by changes in nutritional habits, such as cutting down on dairy and meat intake, juicing, yo-yo dieting and skipping meals, Mark has created a nutraceutical tablet to support and maintain hair health.
Each tablet contains key nutrients FOR THE HAIR YOU DESERVE. The formulation is designed to help combat hair issues such as thinning, restrictive growth and poor condition: all of which can be associated with a lack of dietary protein and key nutrients.